My favourite project highlight

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your ideas out in the real world. I like to remember the day when I got off the tube one morning to find all of Waterloo Station plastered with advertisements for Aegon’s new service Retiready. It’s moments like these where you really realise that hard work and dedication by the client really pay off. I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of several successful launches including B for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank and shine for RWE.

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Makes things beautiful


My top innovation

The humble paper clip. It’s probably not the most obvious choice, but I think it encompasses everything a new product or service should entail. It’s dead simple and functional and uses a material in such a perfect way. We might take it for granted, but fundamentally it is the products like the paper clip that we don’t notice but accept in our daily routines that are truly innovative.

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What's next for me...

We’re seeing more and more of our clients adopting a start-up mind set and ring-fencing new initiatives to test and learn ideas in the real world. Equally, there are lots of things that start-ups can learn and benefit from big companies. The lines seem to be blurring and I’m excited to see new ways to create great innovation that happens at the intersection of these two worlds.