My favourite project highlight

We facilitated a workshop in Hong Kong where we were able to surface a lot of creative energy from our wider working team, driving the project forward and learning new things from leaders within the industry. My project highlight was the reflection session directly after, when the core team shared what had worked well in the workshop and what could be improved… so much positivity and yet the ambition to keep improving the work – which to me is Market Gravity in a nutshell.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist keeps blowing my mind. By listening to my favourite music, the service keeps improving and suggesting great songs I haven’t heard before. Effortless personalisation and continuous improvement – no wonder they are redefining how we are listening to music.

I'm known for

Idea Generation
Concept Development 
User Experience 

What's next for me...

I can’t wait to see the future of Market Gravity, to be part of growing the team of highly talented people, expanding our global presence and applying our knowledge and methods to new sectors.