My favourite project highlight

The early proposition launches were hugely satisfying, e.g. Carrier-scale network facilities management (sexy title) that landed our client £800m contracted revenues for three years. It met a genuine B2B customer need, it absolutely leveraged our client’s world-class capabilities, the business model was proven, and we helped secure the first client. After that the client team ran with it and secured additional clients and substantial revenues! Leading the turnaround of an independent exploration and production company’s offshore division was hands down the best project I’ve worked on. Two years working with a great team, a fantastic client, and together designing and implementing solutions that would work for them to transform the division’s performance taught me a lot. At the other end of the spectrum, sacrificing personal pride and dignity for the greater good to liven up an afternoon operating model design session (graveyard slot) with a banking client required I don a sparkly, pink bowler hat to keep the audience engaged. Or laughing mostly. Perhaps the jaunty angle was a step too far. Still, another great result and satisfied client.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

That’s a toughie. Hmmm … Animation – printed and celluloid. The only constraint is your imagination. No longer bound by the laws of physics you can make anything happen. Animators’ bold imagineering inspired scientific discoveries and new realities so many years later . Cartoons rock.

I'm known for

Proposition design and delivery
Transformation programme management
Customer experience transformation strategy
New ventures
Operating model design

What's next for me...

Professionally: Growing Market Gravity and helping our clients design and launch brilliant propositions, and help our people be the best MG-ers they can be, in the UK, Europe, North America and beyond!

Personally: Hit some powerlifting goals by the end of 2016 and compete in 2017, and pick up Karate again after a 30 year hiatus to keep Daughter #1 company.