My favourite project highlight

There have been many, but one that sticks in my memory was the feeling of satisfaction from seeing a new digital savings bank proposition I worked on launch into the German market. The distinctive offer from a new market entrant smashed all expectations in customers signing up and depositing their savings, and won many industry awards. It’s exciting and gratifying to work with clients from idea to launch and is a big reason I love working at Market Gravity.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

The dropper seatpost for mountain bikes – because it improves the ‘flow’ of your ride by eliminating the need to get off the bike to adjust the seat when you’re about to hit tricky terrain. You just press a button on the handlebars to drop the seat and then release to spring it back up. Sounds ridiculous but I promise it’s excellent, especially when you live somewhere where you’re rarely going uphill or downhill for long!

I'm known for

New market entry
Venture design and launch
Innovation capability development

What's next for me...

To make Market Gravity’s work, team and culture globally recognisable.