My favourite project highlight

Working with Standard Life to lead a mission that saw us design, build and launch a new chat based app proposition, The Financial Butler in 20 days. The first of its kind in the market. In only 4 weeks we went from an amazing idea to a new disruptive proposition live and in the hands of real customers. Not only did this create a fantastic new experience for Standard Life customers it has started to create new opportunities for the organisation and really helped to affirm the value of approaching innovation challenges in new, disruptive ways.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

The Slinky! Simply because it was ‘invented’ by accident and demonstrates one of my favourite innovation principles; “Know when to pivot!”. Also who doesn’t love a slinky?

I'm known for

Innovation Labs
Executive Storytelling
Design Led Strategy

What's next for me...

Who knows! But then again isn’t that all part of the fun? If we always knew where we were going we wouldn’t ever push ourselves to go anywhere new or try new things.