My favourite project highlight

The most exciting time for me, is when a project becomes a real business…like B, Shine, Hive and Retiready. It is so rewarding to see something you have worked on go live for paying customers! I also love Day 1 of a new challenge. You have an objective, a vision and a plan, but no-one knows quite how things are going to come together; it is up to the team to realise their future.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

Nike’s Bill Bowerman invented my favorite innovation, when he poured rubber into a waffle iron and made the first modern running shoe – thanks Bill!

What's next for me...

We have BIG ambitions for Market Gravity. We have grown from just the founders into an amazing, multi-talented team, but we are still a young company and we aren’t even hitting our stride yet. Lots of exciting growth opportunities ahead. I want to see every Fortune 500 company in our target markets launch a Market Gravity designed proposition!