My favourite project highlight

I created a motion graphics video to increase customer footfall into Studio B (Clydesdale & Yorkshire smart bank and innovation lab). A few days later a gentleman popped in and approached me, asking “what this place was all about.” He said he came in because the text he saw on the screens saying “Come in!”

My colleagues describe me as



Quick learner

My top innovation

Definitely has to be the Dyson Airblade hairdryer… Such an inspiring innovation; Dyson has been an iconic brand I’ve looked to for inspiration mainly during my product design studies and still remains as that. Patiently waiting for a Dyson heatwave straightener now!

I'm known for

Getting stuff done
Customer experience journeys
Visual & Digital Design

What's next for me...

Well, what the future holds for me is the unknown… 2 years ago I had no idea I would be working for Market Gravity. Now that we are a part of Deloitte, I would endeavour to travel and work in different locations, with UK offices as my base.