My favourite project highlight

My favourite moments in projects are when we get in front of customers. At the start of projects when we’re exploring needs and motivations, and when we ask them to help us come up with new ideas or stretch thinking. Then when the idea and the design starts to get more formalised and we ask them to evaluate and help us make improvements. That’s when things start to feel very real, it’s also rewarding when they say they like what we’ve been working on!

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

I recently spent three weeks in Japan – their toilets are amazing! How they haven’t spread beyond Japan is a mystery to me. For the uninitiated… The lid opens when you walk in welcoming you to the bathroom, the seats are nicely warmed, they play music and flushing noises to protect your modesty, they have bidet water jets, and the best ones have a blow dry function. And when you’re done they auto flush and the seat goes down ready for the next visitor. Standard Western toilets are so disappointing in comparison. My personal ambition is to have one installed in my home… First I need a bigger home, something to aim for though…

I'm known for

Customer insight
Proposition design
Digital customer experience

What's next for me...

I’m looking forward to a couple of projects that I’ve worked on over the last year or so launching. There are a few currently in development that should go live in the next 12 months, including a retail banking proposition, a home energy proposition and a small business banking proposition.