My favourite project highlight

I’m not sure what could top kissing a cod and downing moonshine out in St Johns, Canada as part of an initiation ceremony thrust upon us by our Canadian clients!

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

First launched in 1970, my favourite innovation has got to be the Boeing 747 or “Jumbo Jet”. At the time, it was 2.5 times larger than any other commercial aircraft, increasing capacity and slashing cost. This was the start of budget travel and opened up international travel to millions. It’s crazy to think that little over 40 years ago exploring the world and going abroad on holiday simply wasn’t possible for the vast majority. Now, I couldn’t imagine a life where you couldn’t simply hop on a plane and get far, far away.

I'm known for

Challenging mindset
Solution- design

What's next for me...

This is a tricky one…I kind of like a bit of not knowing what’s next. The great thing about consulting is that it could be anything that’s just around the corner. But whatever it is, it’s going to push and stretch and challenge you. I know I’m always going to be learning something new.