My favourite project highlight

The highlight of any project for me is when you randomly encounter someone using or interacting with it once launched. There’s a huge sense of satisfaction knowing you helped shape something that people use and depend on every day. Seeing work in the wild never gets old.

My colleagues describe me as



My top innovation

The Bicycle. Not many products are perfect the first time around and the bicycle hasn’t really changed since it was created. It’s how I get to work every day and it’s how I spend most weekends too!

I'm known for

Experience Design
Customer Journey Mapping
Brand Design + Art Direction
Drawing + Prototyping

What's next for me...

I’ve really made a commitment to Toronto and establishing our office here. I feel like there’s lots of momentum in the city right now. Canada is gaining its confidence internationally and has a swagger it didn’t have 10 years ago. How MG fits into this is an extremely exciting prospect!