My favourite project highlight

We ran a 1 week design sprint with one of our clients and I was leading one of the groups. It was an insanely fast paced week jam packed with facilitating workshops and whiteboard sessions while locked in a room with a team of stakeholders. By day 4 and 5 we were in a flow state – churning out sketches, building up a compelling story, and prototyping on the fly. At the end, our client, The Director of Innovation, was so excited by the outcome that he demanded a show and tell with some executives. He came back saying ‘they want to develop this!’ Making something that started as an intangible idea feel real and valuable in only 5 days is exhausting but a pretty awesome feeling.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

Venmo is definitely one of them. Its a popular peer to peer mobile payments app in the states that makes payments as easy as status update and social in the process. I can’t go out with friends without hearing ‘can I Venmo you’ at least once. I just wish they would come out with a retail model.

I'm known for

Brand Development
Experience Design
Innovation Strategy

What's next for me...

Make things that change the way people do things.