My favourite project highlight

“Going native” with a small research team in Hong Kong and China to interview small business owners for a global banking project – followed by debriefing over local street food market delicacies in the evening…

My colleagues describe me as



"MG's answer to Michael Parkinson"

My top innovation

The electrical battery. We would hardly be able to do anything without them these days, and certainly almost none of the most exciting stuff. “What’s the battery life?” will be one of the first questions we ask about new technology for a long time yet. And even as we invent new types of power storage, batteries will remain the vital spark of life in the devices that we come to consider an extension of our very selves.

I'm known for

Usability testing
User centred design
Ethnographic research
Translating findings into insights

What's next for me...

I would like to explore connected homes, enabling independent living through technology, and the use of artificial intelligence in product interfaces. Also, recent events have only underscored the importance of expanding Market Gravity’s presence in Europe, so I intend to brush up on my German!