My favourite project highlight

It’s hard to pick just one highlight on my most recent project with Atlantic Lottery Corporation in Canada. We’ve had a great joint client and consulting team that could not have been more fun to work with. From road trips across the frozen north with Pat and Charlie playing ‘name that movie’ to getting our first paying customers of our new product, it’s been a joy…despite the brutal cold of a Canadian winter.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

The jet engine has probably impacted the world we live in more than any innovation in the last 100 years. The jet has brought us closer together meaning you can wake in London, grab lunch in Madrid and enjoy a nightcap by the beach in Rio. Not to mention the jet set, redefining conflict, putting exotic food on our tables and making us question business models thank to a certain Irish carrier.

I'm known for

Customer Experience Design
Asking 'dumb' questions
Representing the North

What's next for me...

I don’t know. That’s what makes this gig fun. If someone had said when I joined MG that I would move to New York or find myself doing in home customer interviews with some indecipherable Newfoundland accents I wouldn’t have believed them. I take each day as it comes and enjoy the ride.