My favourite project highlight

There have been loads. I’ve had the pleasure of working across a range of different client challenges in differing sectors and countries. I think my highlight is always at the ideation and prioritisation stage, when the joint client and Market Gravity team convert all the insight into a compelling idea. It’s great to see the thinking come together and the team rally behind a concept to take forward.

My top innovation

There are so many. I’ve travelled a lot so I think the commercial airliner has to be up there. More recently, anything that makes life easier – JustEat, Uber, Venmo. I’m always surprised how I come to rely on things that just take one or two steps out of the process. Having said that, a part of me think it’s a shame that you can’t get lost in a city anymore! I seem to live by Google Maps.

I'm known for

Growth Strategies
Business Stratgey

What's next for me...

I’ve recently moved over to New York, so right now my goal is to work with the team to build our presence here and help us get to a similar size to London. We’re always on the look out for people who want to help us grow, so if that’s you, get in touch.