My favourite project highlight

My favourite project, every day is a project, a member of team needs my help and will drop me a note to say ‘ have you got 10 minutes, I want to run something by you’ I love those conversations, I can guarantee it will give me something to think about and can often be challenging – Hey I’m up for it, keep it coming.

My colleagues describe me as




My top innovation

So many innovations and two spring to mind that I use every day. Fitbit, helps me keep on track with my exercise and feeds by competitiveness as I compete daily with around 15 people.  I use Fitbit to monitor my sleep pattern especially if I’ve had a bad night.  I love when my Fitbit band vibrates on my wrist indicating that I’ve completed 15,000 steps and if by any chance I haven’t received that confirmation by the time I put my key in my door, I then get out my skipping ropes and that does the trick.  The next one is Spotify, I love music and Spotify satisfies my thirst for daily music, any record I ever wanted to own is now ready for me to have at the touch of a button – how cool is that!

I'm known for

Problem solving
Positive thinking

What's next for me...

Looking forward to see what’s next with MG’s expansion.  New people to recruit, onboard and develop