My favourite project highlight

Getting email from a key stakeholder thanking me and my team for my work, having the penny drop that I was part of launching a renewable energy company in collaboration with one of the biggest energy utility companies in Europe.

My colleagues describe me as



Cordon Bleu

My top innovation

My favourite innovation has got to be 3D printing. When I had first heard about it, I couldn’t really conceptualise something printing in 3 dimensions, then only a few months later it hit me of all the possibilities it could bring about in the present and near future. From 3D printed prosthetics to 3D printed food…

I'm known for

Video Editing
Interface Design
High level Prototyping
UX Design
Design Thinking

What's next for me...

I want to be part of something that visibly changes the lives of millions of people across the world, including mine – and being able to say “I was part of this”.