Together, working like a true start-up team, Market Gravity helped RWE transform their inspiring vision and technical capability, into a launched product and sustainable business model.

Supported by the venture capital arm of RWE (Germany’s largest energy producer) Market Gravity worked alongside a disruptive in-house venture team. Our mission? In 20 weeks to create a proposition that looked unlike anything else in the energy space. To deliver a new offering. To launch a platform that would allow people to power one another – using locally-generated renewable energy.

There were three areas of focus for our mission:

Proposition Design

Designing a proposition and business model that moved focus away from ‘the box’ (the existing hardware and software that allows consumers to optimise the production and usage of energy around their homes) and onto the core benefits and outcomes consumers cared about.

Working closely with customers we knew we had to:

simulate: allow people to see what it would be like to have a solar panel or battery in their home – without the expense of buying one

optimise: highlight to consumers how they used the green energy they were already generating

connect: customers to their neighbours, enabling them to buy and sell excess energy within their own communities.

Check out the final proposition in the video below.

Brand Identity

Building the brand and story behind our proposition – taking it beyond a product to deliver an authentic, powerful message. During our 10 week proposition design programme, we overlayed three weeks of brand activity. Taking the RWE team through our agile Brand Sprint, we conceptualised, developed and refined the name, identity, and tone of voice. In just three weeks we brought ‘shine’  to life.

Created with the RWE team, tested with customers and refined with insight, we were ready to put our vision in the hands of customers.

Delivering the Minimum Viable Product

The focus was to create an experience that allowed prospective users to take small, manageable steps towards joining shine’s energy revolution.

See how we went from sketch to launch below:

We worked closely with product owners at RWE, helping them to bring out their best ideas through co-creation and sketching.

We digitised the best of these ideas, bring the full user journey to life, from start to finish.

We shared and iterated our designs on the wall so everyone in the office could input to the digital journey.

With a functioning set of user flows and wireframes, we began adding the shine look and feel, making it was unique to our brand message and positioning.

The final designs showcase the outcomes of user testing and interviews, stakeholder feedback and iterations, offering user-friendly and unique designs.

The impact

From concept to the launch of shine’s first MVP, a new business which, in just 10 weeks:

  • looks unlike anything else in the energy space;
  • has its own voice and personality;
  • offers a set of products and services which effectively underpin their vision of ‘people powering people’

Market Gravity have left the shine team a clear understanding of the operational set-up they need to fulfil their vision. The proposition venture team are now ready for further development and growth, with the foundations in place for continued proposition iteration post launch.

“We wanted a team to roll their sleeves up and be part of the new venture team NOT act as consultants. The whole Market Gravity team worked this way and brought a huge amount of energy, momentum and experience to us. We achieved what we set out to do and have a foundation to now take the business forward in a way that focuses on the consumer as well as the technology. We also had fun. Very important when you work long hours”.

Julia Lynch-Williams, Managing Director of shine at RWE

“My project highlight was organising a ‘theatre-style’ showcase at the end of our Design phase. We presented to the entire RWE innovation community, sponsors and other stakeholders who had been part of the journey to that point. From the way in which the client team embraced and talked about the vision, proposition and business model to the way in which people reacted to the emotionally engaging vision video we’d created, I knew we’d captured hearts as well as minds.”

Heidi O’Leary, Principal Consultant at Market Gravity

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Take a look at some of the final design work below: