Want to change the way people save? That’s exactly what we did for Barclays. By launching a revolutionary savings account in Germany.

LeitzinsPlus. Germany’s first online instant-­access savings account, brought to life by the team at Market Gravity.

Working with the team at Barclays we sought to disrupt the market ­offering an interest rate linked to the European Central Bank’s base rate.

Analysing the market landscape, we identified two key areas of opportunity. Distilling further through gaining qualitative insight and feasibility studies we built a compelling commercial case for a new, innovative customer proposition.

Over the coming months we continued to work closely with the Barclay’s team. Securing key stakeholder mobilisation through wider business alignment and adoption. Supporting and developing the proposition from implementation through to launch.

"Market Gravity always matched or exceeded my expectations - and I've worked with a lot of external consultants. This was one of the smoothest projects I've worked on."

“The interface between my internal team and Market Gravity was seamless. The interim role was played perfectly. Robin was a chameleon, adapting to work with internal stakeholders, junior and senior, as well as external vendors – and he spoke German!

“Market Gravity was key in running and managing the customer insight, research and proposition development, but most importantly for me, they took it through to implementation, seeding the proposition into the business ahead of launch. Market Gravity did what it took to make a strategy come to life. They got the details right and took it all the way to implementation.”

Director, Deposits Business Unit, Germany

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