Electric Cars:­ a new venture, for a bright future.

Our initial challenge was to deliver a strategy and road-to-­market plan. We went beyond. We helped develop and launch a new business.

With the market identified as a key growth area, British Gas wanted to assess the true potential of Electric Vehicles. Together we explored opportunities. We identified and verified where British Gas wanted to play, and how. We allowed ourselves to become inspired by evolving technology and consumer needs.

Working as a cross-­functional force we combined the British Gas team’s skills and sector knowledge, with our own expertise in new venture design. We achieved buy­ in across the business.

Together we developed a compelling proposition and plan, including a business and operating model. We delivered a platform and framework that allowed British Gas to establish their first partnership with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

British Gas now have partnerships with Nissan, Toyota, Renault and Vauxhall. They also work across multiple charge­point schemes. The company has begun to use electric vehicles as pool cars, as well as company cars. The future looks bright, with further investment and fleet trials already underway.

2015 marked the 5th full year of plug­-in electric vehicle sales by major manufacturers. Numbers might be small today, but British Gas will be in a leading position when the lift inevitably comes.

"When the rest of the market were still investing in trials, Market Gravity helped us develop and launch a new Electric Vehicles business that was profitable within 18 months".

Fiona McDonagh, Head of Electric Vehicles at British Gas

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