Changing consumer habits. Unmet needs. A sector experiencing dramatic change. These challenges meant that Boots’ customers were now sourcing their everyday health and beauty items from a new breed of competitor.

Boots needed to find ways to remain relevant. Market Gravity helped them revamp their offer. We helped them build on the company’s unique strengths, to ensure relevance for today’s and future customers.

Within Boots’ existing customer strategy programmes, there were lots of new ideas floating around the business. Many of these were operationally-driven, rather than customer-led. There were too many to implement. And no clear way to prioritise.

Boots sought confidence in the ideas they’d developed and inspiration for even bolder thinking. Together, with Boots’ dedicated customer offer team, we formed a skunkworks to achieve radical innovation at pace.

Three target customer segments were identified for the proposition design and readied us for customer immersion.



Single, urban woman

Strong focus on lifestyle and personal enjoyment


Age 30-45

Working mother of young children

Care about ways to look after family and juggle busy life


Age 45-65

Mother of older children

Interested in ways to care for selves as well as older relatives

Customer immersion enabled us get underneath the behaviours, attitudes and frustrations that were causing the change in customers’ relationship with the brand.

The core insights we uncovered led us to develop three brand ‘themes’ that would form the basis of the new proposition direction: hassle-free, personalisation, and feel good.

Using co-creation techniques and armed with a deep understanding of the customer, we generated ideas for each of these themes.

Instead of the dozens of incremental changes Boots had been considering, we landed on six big, brave new initiatives across the following five areas of the business:






Sizing the opportunities, we were able to show that these big initiatives were closest to Boots’ ultimate goal. They would drive the greatest behaviour change and have the biggest commercial impact.

We rapidly developed digital prototypes and mock in-store experiences to test the initiatives with target shoppers and patients throughout the UK. Working directly with customers at this stage in the process helped us push the proposition even further and gave real confidence to launch.

Our six big initiatives

Beautiful You

The Beautiful You proposition offers impartial advice and products to fit customers and their budget as well as a review and discussion forum. All delivered online and in-store. The unique offering means customers can pick and choose across brands and price brackets. Launched in October 2015 online, the consultation service is currently offered in 13 UK stores with plans to roll out to a further 44 this summer.

Boots has already seen in-store conversions grow to 20% above target, higher than category average order value, and online conversion double that of

Early sketches
Prototyping the in-store customer experience
The device used in stores
The customer facing interface
In the press

wakelet Powered by Wakelet

Thoughtful Inspirations

Thoughtful Inspirations rewards customers by making it easy to discover, try and add to their regime new products which are just right for them.

Piloted in April 2015 it received a high volume of unsolicited customer praise on social media.

My Value

My Value offers personalised discounts on favourite brands. It’s supported by a clear pricing architecture across all categories and exceptional value on Boots brands and exclusives.

The trial kicked off in July 2014 and is being carried out in 103 stores in and around Bristol.

The trial on Boots website

Health Coach

The Health Coach proposition is a professional face-to-face health consultation service, coupled with a digital care plan. Currently on trial in six stores, customers can book appointments with a trained Boots pharmacist. They receive tailored product and service recommendations and a personalised care plan with integrated management devices.

UK Director Simon Roberts believes it will play a critical role in relieving pressure on the NHS and growing Boots’ relevance, while bolstering the brand’s pharmacy-led heritage.

Remaining propositions

Launch plans for the remaining initiatives are still underway, so watch this space!

Together we achieved


Above targeted in-store conversion rate


Satisfied costumers 


Stores with My Value in and around Bristol


Potential people to use Health Coach

Reflecting on the project

Simon Potts
Group Strategy Director

Market Gravity brought a boldness to our thinking. With their expertise, we were able to develop a set of concepts that will have customers thinking and talking differently about the brand in future.

Mark Taylor
Customer Offer Programme Lead

The customer proposition work is extremely impressive and has a level of ambition, cohesion and thoughtful insight that is truly exciting.

Harriet Mason
Engagement Manager

It was fantastic working in such close collaboration with the Boots’ customer offer team. By bringing together experts from both organisations and co-creating with customers, we never lost sight of who we were designing for. We’re proud of the outcomes and pace at which the initiatives are now being rolled out.

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