The challenge was for Market Gravity to help change customer perceptions. The result was a banking proposition that challenges the entire industry.

Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank have a proud history of innovation. With roots back to its establishment in Glasgow in 1838, the business has a strong personal customer base and an established business banking capability throughout UK.

Their story is one of success. But they knew it was not enough. They knew that a fast-changing world was producing unmet needs and that emerging trends in technology provides the tools to meet them. They needed to secure future relevance and growth. And think like a challenger.

Deciding it was time to disrupt their current thinking, they partnered with the Market Gravity team. Together we sought to unlock new opportunities and attract a younger audience. But we achieved something far greater. We created and launched a new digital proposition that challenged even the most innovative sector providers.

Payments Demo

To bring B to life, we built a venture team within Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank. Combining the skills and experiences of key people across both our companies. Taking our idea from Post-It to prototype in just six weeks.

The Banks were now not just thinking like a challenger, they were acting like a New Challenger.

Having tested and refined our proposition with customers, it was time to make big ideas real. Fast forward a few months and we are proud to introduce B. A truly different approach to banking. A digital service, built from and designed for a mobile, digital-first, customer’s world.

For Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank their investment in disruptive technology represented an opportunity. The chance to appeal to customers beyond their traditional heartland.

B has the fastest account opening process in the UK and a host of features designed to enhance customer engagement and retention.

It features intuitive smart tools to help consumers take control and manage their money much more effectively. It allows users to sweep cash between current and savings accounts and make payments at the touch of a button. It offers multiple savings pots, tagging and tracking of spending and can be personalised with tailored messages. The B app revolutionises how the banks interact, transforming its role and relationship with customers.

The new technology brings cost-effective, instant digital and virtual support to customers – allowing them to become their own money expert on their own devices.

B was developed and tested with young professionals. But the aim is that it will also appeal to new customers. People looking for a convenient way to bank, remotely, on the go, 24/7.

Having been embraced by the business, the proposition launch is also being supported within branches. There are B branded areas designed to support customers in exploring the new functionality B offers.

Savings Pot Demo

Becoming a New Challenger saw the Banks re-build their business around a proposition that has been developed with today’s consumers at heart. They realised it wasn’t enough to talk the part of challenger. They needed to think and act ‘different’. They needed to become a New Challenger, in order to grow their business.

B promises to bring in new users and create long-term value for the Banks – and its customers. A challenge to the entire industry.

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“Market Gravity are a truly inspirational and brilliant company. They helped Clydesdale Bank to not only create a compelling, game changing idea, but then drive the cultural change and challenge ingrained delivery thinking to enable Clydesdale Bank to get the idea to market, culminating in B. All by being part of the team, not sitting apart like more traditional consultancies”.

David Judic, Senior Proposition Manager, Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

“We worked in collaboration with Market Gravity to devise a new banking experience for our customers and to disrupt the category. B represents a challenge to other banks and is based around an app that has been extensively tested and trialled – we know it’s what people want”.

Helen Page, Customer Experience Director, Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

“We were delighted to work with Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank on the development and launch of the new B platform. It’s exciting to see the concept come to life. We’re seeing the emergence of new entrants to the sector so it’s great to see an established banking organisation become a New Challenger and bring their offering into the digital age”.

Peter Sayburn, Founding Partner and CEO, Market Gravity