Celebrating the spirit of innovation in British industry

 “Big businesses have the greatest potential to make the world better: when they get behind a great new idea, the impact can be huge. That’s what makes big business innovation so important…” Pete Sayburn, our CEO and founding partner at Market Gravity.

We’ve partnered with the National Business Awards to produce this country’s very first survey of innovation in big business – from the Inside. The Market Gravity Innovation Insider Index 2015 reveals the current Top 30 innovators within established UK businesses.

The Index is based on the views of around 20,000 industry Insiders – influential professionals working at large organisations in a wide range of roles – who scored their own companies on their performance against our six principles of innovation.

The Market Gravity principles of innovation

We’ve identified these six principles from observing the key characteristics of organisations that are innovating successfully. These insights are distilled from our experience of helping big businesses innovate and bring new propositions to market.

The Insiders measured their companies’ approaches to innovation against six categories: purpose, leadership, capabilities, collaboration, competitive advantage and customer focus.

The Top 30 leaderboard

The 30 highest rated companies are big hitters from sectors that include financial services, retail, telecoms and technology.

In alphabetical order, they are: Accenture, Aegon, Airbnb, Allianz, Amazon, Apple, Argos (Home Retail Group), Barclays, BASF, BBC, BGI Group, Bloomberg, BT, Capgemini, Centrica, CGI, Coutts & Co, Direct Line Group, EE, Guardian News and Media, Hewlett-Packard, Home Retail Group, IBM, Inmarsat, Jaguar LandRover, MasterCard, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd, SAP, SKY, Toshiba and Visa.

Our take on the Top 30

The Index offers our commentary and insights on how different companies and industry sectors tend to perform against the six principles, acting as clues to the characteristic approaches found in different types of business. The full report also contains reactions, tips and advice from some of the highest-scoring companies.

Get the whole story: and join our conversation
You can download the full Innovation Insider Index from mginnovationindex.com.

The pdf report is the only place to find our interviews with some of the Top 30 companies, featuring their reactions and advice to other big business innovators. It also includes our insight and commentary on the findings.

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