The world needs the market-changing potential of corporate creativity

Innovation isn’t just for the little guys. It’s important for businesses of all sizes.

True innovation is a seamless mix of creativity and implementation, created to solve a human problem and create business value. Much greater than a big idea or new piece of tech, it’s about bringing ideas to life, to make everyone’s lives better.

We call the individuals and teams who succeed in big business innovation corporate entrepreneurs. That’s because they use the mindset and methods of entrepreneurs to see ideas through to market.

Why’s big business innovation so important?

When big businesses get behind a great new idea, the impact can be huge. They can help save us time and money, provide us with energy and protect our environment. They can even improve our health and extend our lives: that’s why innovation from established companies has the greatest potential to make the world better.

Plus, if you work for a large organisation, embracing innovation and avoiding stagnation is the best way to ensure enduring business success.

Every big company’s hiding hundreds of potentially perfect ideas, but it can be hard to harness them. Plus established organisations find it notoriously tricky to get innovation right. The whole process is a little wild and unpredictable by its very nature – not every swing will be a big hit. Innovators need room to iterate, experiment and learn through trial and error; that’s pretty different to traditional process improvement projects or ‘business as usual’ activities.

To stay relevant to your customers and one step ahead of the competition, you must keep doing new and better things. Innovative, progressive companies can even command an ‘innovation premium’, perpetuated by their ability to attract and retain the best talent. So it can even result in stock market value.

Taking the pulse of UK innovation today

Big company CEOs often declare that innovation’s at the top of their agenda, without always successfully harnessing its potential. So to get a close-up view of the facts, we’ve created the first national survey of innovation…as seen from the inside. That’s the Innovation Insider Index, which asked industry Insiders to score their own companies on their innovation activity and find the UK’s Top 30 businesses for innovation today.

Get your own Inside edge by downloading the full report now. Not only can you discover if your company made the Top 30; you’ll see who did best at what, and get our commentary and insight on the results.

Do you agree with the Top 30? Are the principles of innovation embodied in your company? Let us know: join the conversation on Twitter #innovatebig.